Business Security Tips To Protect Your Hard Work

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You don't want the hard work you've put into your business to be undermined by theft. To ensure shady customers and employees don't bleed you dry, follow these business security tips.

If you allow other employees besides yourself to write checks and make deposits to and withdrawals from company bank accounts, set up a system that requires two signatures for every transaction. This will prevent employees from embezzling money from you.

If you run a retail store, do regular inventory counts and require more than one person to verify and sign off on the results. This can help make sure that any theft by either employees or customers is discovered and dealt with swiftly.

If you are willing to invest in security measures, you can install cameras and merchandise tags. This can help cut down on customer theft by making it nearly impossible for customers to leave the store with stolen merchandise. It can also help identify both employee and customer perpetrators of theft.

Another way to prevent theft and fraud by customers is to require receipts for returns. This prevents people from stealing merchandise from your store and then returning the stolen merchandise for a cash refund.

Tips To Preparing For A Crisis

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Many organizations fail at having their staff prepared for a crisis. Below are some ways you can ensure your staff is prepared in case of emergency.

Always involve your staff in the development plan you create. The planning part of the process is as important as the plan. Make sure your staff buys into the plan and embraces the arrangements that affect them so that your plan is a success. Talk to the staff about why you are planning for a crisis.

Provide your staff with a good training plan that lets them know what to do when an emergency occurs. Make sure they all know their role and who is doing what. Use scenarios to engage the staff, and validate your plan.

Make a wallet size card for all employees that spell out the process of your emergency plan. Have your emergency response phone numbers listed, a help line number and a list of all your internal contacts. This ensures that all your staff has the key information they need during an emergency.

Rehearse your emergency plan over and over. Scenario exercises are the most effective way to bring your plan to life. Practicing the plan will familiarize the staff with the procedures of the plan. Everyone involved will learn what their role and responsibility is during an emergency, and the lessons learned make your plan better.

Make sure your senior management is committed to your emergency plan along with everyone else. When the importance of an emergency plan message is talked about from the executive staff with commitment and enthusiasm, everyone will listen.

Security Systems Made To Protect You And Your Family

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Adding a security system to your home can help to keep your family, pets and property fully protected. There are a few ways that a security system can achieve this if you are interested in having one installed. First of all, the security system can pick up on smoke, fire and carbon monoxide. If these things are present within the home, an alarm will sound and you can evacuate as soon as possible. These security systems can also be integrated to contact the local fire or police department if you want these departments to be called if an alarm goes off.

The security alarm in your home will also go off if there is a burglary. Many homes nowadays are succumbing to burglaries and this is especially true if you live in a more high-end neighborhood. By adding one of these systems to your home, you will find that you and your family are fully protected and can feel safe no matter what happens. You will also feel good to know that the nearest police or fire department will be contacted as soon as an alarm goes off if you cannot get to a phone to make the call yourself.

A Guide to Home Security Systems

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You already installed deadbolts and reminded the kids to lock all the doors. And of course when moving into a new residence, you shop home insurance companies for the one that best protects against break-ins. But have you considered a home security system?

Home security systems don't have to be a hassle. Many are inexpensive and can cost just over a dollar a day. Many come with free equipment, too, and will be installed by a professional so you don't have to worry about complex technology and manuals. A standard home security system will probably come with sensors for entryways. These devices sense the door or window opening, and can be set to chime when someone enters or exits.

Your security system will probably also include a keypad. This piece of technology is the brain and home base of your system. You can use it to arm and disarm your system and get in touch with monitoring centers. If there's an emergency, you'll probably use your keypad to call for help. You'll connect with a professional who will determine if you require assistance. Then if necessary, he or she will promptly dispatch proper emergency personnel - an ambulance, fire truck or police.

Security Measures You Will Want To Take A Look At

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Security is on everyone's mind, from personal security, to protecting valuable assets. There are many options from which to choose when it comes to security. So many in fact, it makes it difficult to know where to start. Begin with what you want a security system to accomplish. Will cameras be needed, for example, you may have a babysitter that comes into your home. Parents want to know their children are being cared for properly. Therefore, cameras are, in many cases, a much-needed accessory to any security system.The full explanation can be found at href=''>

A camera at the front door can prevent you from opening that door up to an intruder. Install a dome camera that can zoom and pan and has night vision technology. The camera can be hardwired or wireless. The signal is sent to a receiver and when the doorbell rings, you can view the visitor in real time. This type of system can be installed in a matter of hours or even less if it is wireless.

There are numerous alarm sensors on the market today. You can install sensors that trigger an alarm when a window is opened, ones that detect the sound glass breaking and acoustic sensors. You can decide what system or sensor best suits your needs. Because of advances in technology, a total home security system is much more affordable than you may have imagined.

Crisis Management Planning For Your Business And Employees

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Crisis management planning for your business and employees has become an important part of survival in today's economy. You have to make serious plans to keep a business making a profit and still provide as many jobs as possible in order to protect the work force under your control. There are several options that are being considered by businesses all over the country so they can continue to employ as many people as possible and keep the community alive and healthy.

Companies can cut spending by reducing the hours of current employees by 10 to 25 to avoid layoffs or closure. It is a little harder to make ends meet for those who work hard for their money, but it is better than being 100 out of work. Companies that pay commissions have opted to cut out all commissions on future sales and increase the employees basic pay by 25. It is a higher hourly wage for the employees overall and companies do not have to cut jobs or eliminate departments that cost to much to maintain. Crisis management planning for businesses and employees can save jobs and help the future of the economy to grow until times are better and money begins to flow once again.

Crisis Management Planning For Your Home And Family

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It is easy to see how the world of today is changing our plans for crisis management. Families and friends must consider what to do in an earthquake and other natural disasters before they happen. It is well known that earthquakes are becoming more powerful over the last few decades and causing a great deal of damage wherever they strike. It can happen at any time and any place, so you need to prepare now. Crisis management planning for your home and family takes only a small amount of time compared to the survival comfort when something happens.

Begin by gathering the family together to discuss what to do during an earthquake when you are not together. Create different plans for meeting places locally and outside the disaster zone if you are separated. Each person should carry a short list of emergency contacts outside a disaster zone that they can contact. You will work better and smarter after a disaster if you know that contacts have been made by your family and they are all safe. If you can get your family together in one location, you can plan as a group from that point on to survive and create a new life.
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Plan Your Emergency Plan Before The Crisis

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Keeping your family safe is of the utmost important to you, which is why it is crucial that you have a plan in place for any type of disaster that could potentially occur in your home. When the entire family knows how to react during any given situation there is a greater chance that everyone in your family will remain safe and sound during any emergency.

First and foremost, planning a fire exit strategy is the most important because fires can happen anywhere. Create an escape route for your entire family, with several back up plans in case the first route is blocked by smoke or fire; it is imperative you plan a meeting spot at safe distance from your burning house so your family is not wandering around looking for one another while worrying.

Take into consideration where you live and what potential disasters could happen to you, such as hurricanes, tornadoes or even earthquakes. Create a plan of action for each. For example, if you life in a tornado zone your family should know where to go if a tornado comes, such as an interior closet or to the basement or tornado cellar. When the entire family knows what to do, safety is easier.

Keep Your Family Safe With These Security Tips

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It is something that everyone is concerned about, here is how to keep your family safe with these security tips:

1. Lock All Doors- Many people have a sense of trust that it will not happen to them. It is important to lock all doors to cars and the home and keep them locked. Most cars have features that the doors auto lock when the car begins moving. However, the door to a home needs to be locked at all times.

2. Monitor The Internet- The biggest mistake parents make is allowing children free reign on a computer. There are wonderful services like Net Nanny which will only let the children go to certain websites and will let you know what they are on and what they are doing on the computer.

3. Install An Alarm System- While they may seem expensive, an alarm system can be as low as 15 a month. These alarms will be placed on the windows and doors and can monitor a home even when you cannot be home. A monitoring center will alert police and fire departments if necessary on your behalf when you cannot be reached.

By doing a few simple things, it is easy to help keep one's home a safe and happy haven. Keep looking, there's more: March 2012 Newsletter